Brock & Devin Smith 002

Welcome to My Music page.  Here you will find a fine sampling of the songs and music I have handcrafted in a my musical kitchen. First up are tunes that are mostly of an acoustic nature.  Scroll down and there are songs that involve more instrumentation of an electric sort. Like guitars, bass and synths. A little more production.  Below that are links to purchase downloads of the songs or CD/albums you hear and like. Tracks are on SoundCloud and as far as I know do not require you to sign up or login or any of that mess just to listen. Enjoy!

– Brock

Acoustic style songs

electric band/studio 

Higher Ground Mix

Brocks CD’s

HEAR – La Mariposa – Ogimaa – Ewalla

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HEAR and Ogimaa

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Ogimaa & La Mariposa

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HEAR and Ogimaa

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Rev Brock’s Creation Project

Ewalla CD download

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