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Where It Comes From

For me the source of inspiration for my songs and music comes from personal experiences, the accumulated knowledge of my interests that just pops out a thread for me to follow that becomes the song it wants to be, a 60's and 70's philosophy and vibe that love, peace and harmony among humanity is possible, and my respect for a Native American philosophy that all is conned and we are meant to realize our true human potential on this Earth as brothers and sister as stewards of your home.

"Bring me a higher love"  - Steve Windwood

"For me, the lame part of the Sixties was the political part, the social part. The real part was the spiritual part." - Jerry Garcia

...and so the Story Goes

I am a songwriter by birth.  Let's just put it that way and not so much by choice. It's simply something I started doing, making up musical noises, at a very early age. My mother saw and heard my musical inclination and had supported my passion, hobby and talent as it grew and developed all through my childhood, young adulthood, and beyond. After receiving the first guitar I was introduced to I began to make up tunes before I actually knew how to tune it or had any idea about what I was doing with the instrument. I did have some previous experience with the accordion and the trumpet which I picked up on in Junior High, so I knew how to read music a little. My mother bought me a "How to Play Guitar" LP and from that, a few Mel Bay books, and my record player, sitting for hours at a time trying to figure out song after song. Some I got right. Some, not so much. No TABS or videos. Yes, I'm that vintage.

Creating music, riffs, rhythms, melodies, songs and lyrics come to me fairly easily and once I decided not to try to sound like anyone else all of it became easier for me to be me, to let the muse use me to compose what it knows and get out of the way. Sometimes thinking too much while in the process is a creation killer. The toughest part of the the whole process for me is the lyrics. They can sometimes take a little longer.

Professionally I've performed as a solo, in duos, acoustic groups, dance bands, rock bands, and now me and my guitar band with some help from a friend or two now and then.  These days I like a good open mic, songwriters night, coffee shop, little ole pub, perhaps a wine bar or out of doors food truck park, festivals, house concert and what ever else pops up for me to be with an audience.

You do not merely want to be considered the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones that do what you do."

- Jerry Garcia

Next Step...

Brock n Roll Music gets out...gets into your head.

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