Brock Rodarte

Brock Rodarte and the Artistry of Being.

Music is a miracle of sonic vibration which enters the mind, body and soul and I have a knack for it's creation and manifestation. Have since a youth, an honest muse before any thought of why I was playing or writing songs. I just enjoyed making up tunes and hearing myself sing them. "Hey, Mom listen to this. What do you think?" Of course she loved them. Writing honest pure and for me a cure from the profane and mundane that plays in my brain, I have been involved and evolved with the muse in music since a very early age. So, for me, it has been quite awhile that I have been developing my style.

Raised on Rock since the late 60's non-stop and taking in favors of folk, classical, jazz, R&B, country, reggae, but not so much the hip hop. A songwriter by inclination but also seasoned by many a cover tune. A natural song-smith, handcrafted tunes started to flow as soon as I had a few chords under my belt and the creativity continues to flourish because I was made that way.

Years and years of honing my craft and style with the guitar and voice make for a great listening, visual and genuinely engaging experience. Songs of today, songs of tomorrow, songs of hope and songs that borrow from masters before, tunes that are familiar and songs that are obscure.

Brock... Brock... Brock... rhymes with "Rock" and like "Rock n Roll", "Brock n Roll" is a hit. Give me the space and time and your heart and soul are mine.


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